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Sports Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Sports massage therapy is not just for professional athletes, any active person can utilize the benefits of this treatment to increase flexibility, help prevent injuries and promote healing throughout your body; particularly in areas of the body suffering from overuse.

Athletes have discovered that specially designed sports massage promotes


   Less fatigue

   Endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for

        Optimal performance.

Sports massage therapy every week or two may be a great addition to your exercise regimen.

Hot Stones

Duration: 60 minutes

Let the stones ease away the stress and pain from your body. An increased level of relaxation is achieved, that becomes highly addictive! Hot stones are used throughout the treatment to help relieve pain and dysfunction caused by postural problems, stress and sports injuries. The associated benefits include:

   Pain relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome

   Decreases pain and muscle spasms

   Reduces chronic stress and tension

   Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement

   Relieves pain and tension created by strained and contracted muscles

Joint Release

Duration: 60 minutes

Our joint release massages are performed to relieve the effects of poor biomechanics, which lead to tightness in the surrounding muscles, causing pain and stiffness. The suspected joints will carefully be tested to find out exactly which ways they are restricted, so that the appropriate and safest techniques can be applied.

   Increases flexibility

   Improves range of motion following injuries

   Reduces chronic lower back pain

   Helps prevent running injuries and improves performance


Duration: 60 minutes

Cupping techniques have been used extensively to treat a range of disorders and symptoms, sometimes on their own, or other times in conjunction with other alternative practices. One way to think about cupping is that it is the inverse of massage. Several Olympic-caliber athletes and champions swear by this method of treatment.

   Improve energy flow

   Relieve pain

   Loosen muscle

   Increase relaxation

Deep Tissue

Duration: 60 minutes

The deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). This massage can reduce stress, hormone levels and heart rate; while boosting mood and relaxation by triggering the release of oxytocin and serotonin.

   Breaks up scar tissue

   Reduces chronic pain

   Improves blood pressure

   Rehabilitates injured muscles

   Relieves stress

Lymphatic Drainage

Duration: 60 minutes

This is a very gentle massage technique used to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid around your body. Our therapists use specific, slow, light strokes. Manual lymphatic drainage works on the connective tissues immediately below the skin (not the deeper muscles like remedial massage). By promoting fluid circulation and decongesting the lymph nodes; manual lymphatic drainage helps boost the immune system and detoxify the body.


   Headache relief

   Reduce swelling during and after pregnancy

   Improve healing


Head, Neck & Shoulders

Duration: 30 minutes

Feel relaxed and energised again with a Head, Neck and Shoulders massage. This massage targets all the places you hold the most tension – the head, neck and shoulders. Whether you need a strong massage to relieve built up tension, or a gentle and tranquil experience to give a needed break from your busy life Care Through Touch is here for you.

   Reduce stress and anxiety.

   Relieve insomnia.

   Relieve headaches, migraines, and muscle tension.

   Increase circulation and boost the immune system.


Sharon Coppin |  Care Through Touch Wellness Centre Barbados.

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