Sharon Coppin |  Care Through Touch Wellness Centre Barbados.

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Wellness therapy to help you live a happy, healthy and productive life.




   Refresher Facial

   Deep Tissue Massage

   Energy Balancing and Detox Foot Treatment

Iron Man

Duration: 150 minutes

   Care Through Touch Head and Scalp massage

   Back scrub with Deep Tissue Massage.

Distinguished Gentleman

Duration: 120 minutes

   Body scrub

   Adams' Choice Facial

   Aromatherapy Massage with Hot Stones.

Royal Treatment

Duration: 150 minutes

   Specially blended Creamy Mud Mask

   Massage Potpourri

   Refresher Facial.

Beyond Rapture

Duration: 150 minutes

   Invigorating Lymphatic Scrub

   Seaweed Body Mask

   Massage with Anti-Cellulite oils

   Energy Balancing & Detox Foot Treatment.

Metabolic Booster

Duration: 180 minutes

Ultimate "Time-Out"

Duration: 90 minutes

   Turkish Salt Scrub

   Refresher Facial

   Back Massage.

   Sports inspired foot treatment

   Kaffir lime infused sea salt bath

   Invigorating foot scrub and calf massage



Best Foot Forward

Duration: 30 minutes

   Aromatherapy, Swedish/Deep Tissue fusion massage

   Herbal Steam Towel applied to Back, Neck & Feet

   Magic Mint Scalp Treatment

Sweet Perfection

Duration: 75 minutes

   Pomegranate and Acai massage butter

   Promotes healthier and younger looking skin

   Tuscan Citrus with White Tea massage butter

   Gives your skin a toned and brightened appearance

        Includes Oxygen Facial and Gift of Aromatic Candle


Spa-aah Day

Duration: 120 minutes

Tee It Up!

Duration: 30 minutes

Duration: 60 minutes

   Golf balls used for deep tissue massage

   Alleviate tension and knots between trapezius and neck muscles


Sharon Coppin |  Care Through Touch Wellness Centre Barbados.

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