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Swedish Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. Before and during your Swedish massage session we encourage communication with your professional massage therapist, so that your massage is customized to your specific needs. It is exceptionally beneficial as it is:

   The best-known type of body massage performed

   Increases the level of oxygen in the blood

   Decreases muscle toxins

   Improve circulation, flexibility and ease tension


Duo Massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Share the relaxing massage experience with a friend or loved one on side-by-side tables in our exclusive duo suite. Each client will have their own massage therapist.

   Blissful relaxation with your partner

   Individual massages

Combining therapeutic massage with the healing properties of essential oils, our aromatherapy massage is designed to soothing the mind and body. It is perfect for anxious, stressed and weary bodies.

   Relax tense muscles,

   Increase circulation

   Improve tissue mobility

Candle wax massage is a special type of oil massage. The focus of the treatment is stimulation of the skin. Liquefied and heated oil substances are used, i.e. the massage medium is the liquid wax of special candles.

   Increased sense of well-being

   Profound physical and mental relaxation

Paradise is achieved as two therapists massage you in total harmony to bring you to spiritual and mental bliss.

   Two therapists at the same time

   Double the benefit

Designed to massage the nerve ending of the scalp and neck causing an amazing, all-over body sensation.

   Stimulate blood flow

   Relieve tension

   Soothe headaches

A combination of styles specifically blended to maximize muscle relaxation and the relief of nervous tension. East meets West producing an unforgettable experience.

   Refreshes the physical body and soul

   Personalized massage

Shadow Massage

Duration: 60 minutes


Duration: 60 minutes

Hot Candle Wax

Duration: 60 minutes

Head Trip

Duration: 30 minutes

Massage Potpourri

Duration: 60 minutes

Tee It Up!

Duration: 30 minutes

Duration: 60 minutes

You might already turn to golf for stress relief, but this massage takes it to another level. Golf balls are used to get into the deep pockets between the trapezius and neck muscles to alleviate tension and knots.

   Golf balls used for concentrated deep tissue massage

   Alleviate tension and knots between trapezius and neck muscles




Sharon Coppin |  Care Through Touch Wellness Centre Barbados.

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