Sharon Coppin |  Care Through Touch Wellness Centre Barbados.

About Us



Wellness therapy to help you live a happy, healthy and productive life.




> Sports Massage

> Joint Release

> Deep Tissue

> Hot Stones

> Lymphatic Drainage

> Head, Neck & Shoulders

> Cupping

Wellness Experience

Pain-relief and healing is the principle behind our Care Through Touch Wellness Experience. Each treatment can work on their own or be combined for an added element of healing. Wellness is not just for athletes, if you are feeling pain or tightness this is the place to be.

Recreational Experience

Relaxation is the key element to these massage treatments. The recreational experience is for those who wish to pamper themselves or their loved ones. Soothe the tension of life and maintain balance to face the day with renewed serenity.

> Swedish Massage

> Shadow Massage

> Hot Candle Wax

> Duo Massage

> Aromatherapy

> Head Trip


Sharon Coppin |  Care Through Touch Wellness Centre Barbados.

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